Buddhist Recovery Book Study Group

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Dharma Bum Temple, 4144 Campus Ave., San Diego, CA 92103

Every Thursday in the downstairs meditation hall 7:00 - 8:30 P.M.

The Recovery Book Study Group explores a pair of texts by Kevin Griffin, reading all of the seminal One Breath at a Time, and performing the meditative, contemplation, and responsive activities in his Buddhism and the Twelve Steps Workbook.

A pioneer in merging Buddhism and Twelve Step recovery, Kevin is a long-term veteran of both. His heartfelt expertise continues to inspire and surprise, here at our temple as at his home base in Northern California and countless workshops and retreats at large.

He offers a plain speaking practical guide in finding one's own way in recovery. Meant as enhancement, definitely not replacement of the power of "the steps," his works aid in saving and supporting the newcomer, while encouraging a deepening of long term sobriety through individual spiritual development.

Free and open to all,one can participate continually, or may drop in from time to time. Both books will be available for purchase in the temple gift shop “Buddha for You”

if you have any questions regarding this group please contact Blair at blairwhitcomb@gmail.com