Putting Buddhist Philosophy Back Into Mindfulness Meditation

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Dharma Bum Temple, 4144 Campus Ave., San Diego, CA 92103

Putting Buddhist Philosophy Back Into Mindfulness Meditation

The practice of mindfulness meditation entered Western culture as a Buddhist monastic teaching over forty years ago and has since morphed into a largely secular movement that has been of great benefit to many people. It shows up now everywhere from medical clinics, businesses, and schools to the evening news and supermarket checkout counters. It is the secular nature of this modern mindfulness movement that has allowed it to spread as widely and bring help to as many people as it has.

While in order for mindfulness meditation to become secular it needed to separate itself from the Buddhist religion, a 21st century practice of mindfulness meditation can be strengthened and deepened by reconnecting with some fundamental aspects of Buddhist philosophy, while remaining a secular practice.

If you have you been trying to make mindfulness meditation a part of your daily routine and finding this can be challenging in the midst of a busy, connected life, please join us as we discuss how the ancient philosophical teachings of Buddhism can be very effective antidotes to many of the greatest challenges of life in our digital world.

The class will be led by Bob Cotterill and all are welcome regardless of experience level with mindfulness, meditation, or the Buddhist teachings.