This is a start…It is a new program and this page is being built, but this is a start…

It is a Friday afternoon and you have just checked into the Dharma Bum Temple for 7 nights. You will head over to Sprouts (3 blocks away) with 2-3 other people to buy your vegetarian food for the week. You will wake up each day for 8am meditation and the daily schedule will include a 12pm meditation and 7pm meditation class almost every night. You will follow the Dharma Bum Temple schedule and join each class or program happening during your stay. On the evening there is no class you can enjoy the Dharma Bum Temple Theatre and watch a movie on the big drop down screen or rest quietly. You will have plenty of hours each day for quiet time to read, study, meditate, nap, garden or simply roam around the Temple. You will be provided with your own plate, bowl, mug and silverware. You will prepare your own 3 meals a day and have a private room, unless you want to retreat with a friend or partner and then you can have a shared room. There are two showers and two bathrooms for residents only, including a washer and dryer to wash sheets and blankets prior to departure. All bedding will be provided and some toiletries, but you will bring your own personal toiletry items. We will charge $350 per person for the week, best deal in town!

If interested in staying at the Dharma Bum Temple, please fill out the brief form below. We will be in touch ASAP to schedule your retreat!