Dear Friends, 

Every Spring for my birthday it is my honor to humbly raise money for the Dharma Bum Temple. Last April however as the pandemic hit us all hard, it did not feel right to ask for support, so we skipped the fundraiser. Due to the pandemic and for the safety of others, the Dharma Bum Temple and Buddha for You closed its doors March 12, 2020 and over a year later we are still closed. However, in many ways I believe the community is the strongest it has ever been. It is times like these when we cannot be together physically, the love and care we have for the community flows even deeper in our hearts. Do we miss seeing each other? Yes! Do we want to be able to laugh, cry, smile and feel joy together? Yes! Will that day come sometime in the near future? Absolutely Yes! I am excited to share that I do anticipate us opening again this year but we need your support. 

The virtual programs are running well still helping thousands of people find a sense of peace in their life. Special thanks to all the volunteers who make these programs happen! Our Recovery Sangha stays solid with groups meeting five times a week helping those who battle drug, alcohol or other addictions. The Family Sangha has managed to maintain monthly gatherings online while facing the challenges of kids not being at school. Our evening meditations and daily morning meditations continue to provide a safe space, which now draws people from all over the world due to our virtual presence. Delta Beta Tau which is our college outreach program continues to host weekly meditations in addition to leading a new member pledge program, providing virtual community service and hosting virtual retreats. Our weekly Dharma Bum Teens program led by our college kids sharing meditation and Buddhist teachings continues to thrive virtually every Sunday at noon. Two new books studies have given people an opportunity to connect a little deeper while exploring the nature of their own mind. The beauty of our new virtual Temple is most of the classes are archived on our YouTube channel for all to view at their convenience. 

So while the Temple doors have been closed, we have been incredibly busy operating the best we can during this difficult time. We say everything we do at the Dharma Bum Temple is free and that is the truth. We do however have a lot of expenses and building debt, so I hope you will consider making a donation of any amount. The Dharma Bum Temple is a 501(c)(3) NPO and all donations are 100% tax-deductible. 


CLICK HERE to donate here via our Facebook Fundraising Campaign (No Fees) 

CLICK HERE to donate via the DBT website  

You may mail a check made out to Dharma Bum Temple to 4144 Campus Avenue San Diego, CA 92103. 

As Co-Founder and Executive Director, it is an honor to be of service to this community. Thank you for all the love and support you have shown us Dharma Bums over the years. Our intention has always been to build a safe place to study and practice Buddhism while coming together as a community. I continue to be incredibly proud of everyone who works so hard to make this little Temple such a special place! 

Your continuous support is beautiful, deeply appreciated and I thank you! I know when the Dharma Bum Temple doors physically open again, it will be yet another beautiful celebration! 

Yours in the Dharma, 

Jeffrey Zlotnik

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