“Teach this triple truth to all: A generous heart, kind speech, and a life of service and compassion are the things which renew humanity.” ~ Buddha


We are happy to host a number of Buddhist Recovery groups to support those who want to integrate Buddhist teachings and practices into a program of recovery. We encourage the use of mindfulness and meditation and are grounded in Buddhist principles of non-harming, compassion & interdependence. Our groups are open to all people who suffer from any addiction or compulsive behavior and are looking for a comprehensive, transformative path to end their suffering. We are open to people of all backgrounds and recovery paths, including but not limited to all 12-Step programs. You need not be Buddhist nor in a 12 Step fellowship to participate and benefit. 

You may drop in on all of the groups at any point during the week. The various classes and a brief description are below:

Tuesday 7pm-8pm (Downstairs, Buddha for You Hall): "Sit and Share.” An evening of Dharma practice and discussion. This peer-lead group begins with a period of silent meditation after which the leader will introduce a topic for group sharing that may include the Four Noble Truths, Eight-Fold Path, Mindfulness, Loving-kindness, Compassion or other Buddhist topics from a recovery perspective.

Wednesday 7pm-8:30pm (Downstairs, Buddha for You Hall): "12 Step Zen.” Hosted by Peter Kuhn offers the Dharma of Recovery from the Plum Village Zen perspective. Groups include sitting, Dharma talk and group sharing.

Thursday 7pm-8pm (Downstairs, Buddha for You Hall): Uses the
book: "Eight Step Recovery: using the Buddha's teachings to Overcome Addiction." By: Valerie Mason-John and Dr. Paramabandu Groves for study, sharing and practice. 

Sunday 10am-11:30am (Main Hall): “Buddhist Step Study.” Focuses on a step a month, January-December, and uses a variety of books to study the traditional 12 Steps as outlined in “Alcoholics Anonymous,” drawing on Buddhism to highlight the similarities in each tradition to enhance the spiritual experience of the participant. Peer-lead.