social sangha

The DBT Social Sangha will be hosting monthly events to help community members better get to know their DBT friends. Activities will range from interactions with nature, Temple visits, museums, picnics, and much more! It’s an exciting time to be alive so let’s share it with our beautiful community!

May we all benefit from Dharma friendship!

Visit to Hidden Valley Zen Center: Sunday, March 3rd

DBT’s Social Sangha invites you to join us on Sunday Feb. 25 for a visit to Hidden Valley Zen Center in San Marcos. We will participate in the Center’s regular Zazen practice from 10 AM to noon. Please check the center’s website for Zazen protocol; the morning schedule typically includes two 25-minute periods of silent sitting. 

We invite participants to meet up ahead of this visit at TERI Common Grounds Cafe and Coffee Bar in San Marcos between 9 AM and 9:45 AM, after which we’ll head over to Hidden Valley for meditation.

Those wishing to carpool (drive or ride) are asked to meet in front of the Dharma Bum Temple by 8:30 AM. 

Hidden Valley Zen Center is located at 2626 Sarver Lane in San Marcos.

TERI is located at 555 Deer Springs Rd in San Marcos.

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