The health and safety of our community remains our top priority. Masks are mandatory at Temple and Buddha for You. Seats are socially distanced with a capacity limit set for both meditation halls. 

    AMOUNT RASIED: $21,322
    AMOUNT NEEDED: $9,339 (This will be matched!)

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    Every Spring for my birthday it is an honor to humbly raise money for the Dharma Bum Temple. I am grateful the Dharma Bum Temple is open once again and each day we move closer to our normal schedule that we all know and love. While the physical doors to the Temple were closed 18 of the last 24 months, we did our best to build a virtual community as a way to gather. Now that we are open, we can expand our programs as we continue to meet both virtually and in-person. It is so important to provide a safe place of refuge for those who need it the most. The world is hurting right now and we must continue to come together and support each other. Click here for more information...


    The Dharma Bum Temple is a home for the study and practice of Buddhism, yet we do not advocate one particular school of Buddhism. Our community is simply a bridge for people to learn how to make change within their own life and be of benefit to others.

    The Dharma Bums focus on The Four Noble Truths, Eightfold Path and Six Paramitas. To speak about Buddhism is not enough, one must practice these basic Buddhist principles. Through diligent practice one will begin to realize the cause of their suffering, thus moving beyond suffering for the benefit of all beings. When one enters the stream of Buddhism it can be confusing, so we help make it easier to understand.

    The Dharma Bum Temple offers Introduction to Buddhism and Meditation Services, Dharma Talks, Homeless Outreach, Prison Outreach, Dharma Bum Kids, Dharma Bum Teens, Dharma Bum Life Program, Visiting Monks, Nuns & Buddhist Scholars, Silent Retreats, Morning Meditation Services, Meditation and Intro to Buddhism Classes in Spanish, Buddhist Recovery Program for Overcoming Addictions, Co-Ed Buddhist Fraternity, College Meditation Groups and More - ALL FOR FREE! 

    The Dharma Bums are disciples of the Buddha, practitioners of the Dharma and caretakers of the Sangha.