Still the Body, Still the Speech, Still the Mind 

A Half Day of Silence is held the first Saturday of every month. The meditation practice is from 8 AM -12 PM. Please arrive and be seated by 7:55 AM. RSVP is no longer required; you may just show up.

This is an opportunity to explore the meditation practice in consecutive periods of focusing, dwelling, contemplating, and settling into silence. This retreat is perfect for both beginners and for those already established in their meditation practice. Periods of seated meditation, walking meditation, temple cleaning, and community tea will all be carried out in silence. You will enter the Temple in silence and you will leave in silence, creating the opportunity to return your day in silence.


Arrival: Please enter Temple no later than 7:50 AM and be seated by 7:55 AM.

Silence: Please enter in silence and leave in silence.

Clothing: Loose and comfortable.

Cell Phones/Electronics: None. Please do not for any reason use or check your cell phone, listen to music/recordings, etc. unless in the case of an emergency.

Closing Tea (Tentative): The retreat will close with everyone joining in a silent gathering of drinking tea. If for whatever reason you are unable to drink tea, please remain with everyone and drink water. Once you are done with your tea or water, you will wash your cup and return silently to your day.

Delta Beta Tau - College Group on Retreat


Picture this…

It is a Friday and you have just checked into the Dharma Bum Temple for 2 nights. Upon arrival you will head over to Sprouts (3 blocks away) by yourself or with 1-2 other people to buy your vegetarian food for the weekend (unless you bring your own food). You will start each morning with an 8am meditation and then follow the Dharma Bum Temple schedule, joining each class or program during your stay. You will have opportunities each day for quiet time to read, study, meditate, nap, garden or simply roam around the Temple. You will be provided with your own plate, bowl, mug and silverware. You will prepare your own 3 meals a day and have a private room, unless you want to retreat with a friend or partner; then you can have a shared room. There are two showers and two bathrooms for retreat use only, including a washer and a dryer to wash sheets and blankets prior to departure. All bedding and some toiletries will be provided, but you will be responsible for bringing your own clothing and personal toiletry items. We will charge $208 per person for the weekend – it's the best deal in town!

If interested in staying at the Dharma Bum Temple, please fill out the brief form below. We will be in touch ASAP to schedule your retreat!