It is important we receive support from the community for monthly expenses. Please consider becoming a monthly donor so we can sustain the Dharma Bum Temple. You may click below to make a one time donation or choose to make a recurring donation of any amount. Thank you all for your past, present and future support! 

You may also set up via your bank to have a monthly check sent automatically. This is the best way to make a recurring donation to the Dharma Bum Temple, as we receive 100% of the donation. Please contact your bank directly for more information, it is really simple to set up. Donation checks may be mailed to: Dharma Bum Temple, 4144 Campus Avenue, San Diego, CA 92103

The Dharma Bums are a 501(c)3 Non-Profit Organization
Federal Tax ID # 27-1128167
All Donations are Tax Deductible

Dana – Generosity and the Basis of Dharma

The Dharma Bums offers its classes and meditation practice space to the community to serve the Dharma. We believe that Dana (Generosity) and Dharma (the Buddhist teachings) are a seamless whole. The practice of Dana (Generosity) is exemplified by the person who gives their time to share Dharma and by the students and practitioners participation, support and service in return.

All individuals who lead classes are instructed not to ask for donations or give a “Dana” talk. The motivation and activity of ‘Dana’ is entirely the responsibility of each of us. When people do offer donations, which they often do, 100% of the money goes to support The Dharma Bum Temple.

We rely on your support to maintain monthly expenses and appreciate your donations.

Thank you!

"I am so fortunate and grateful to be able to give back (a little bit) to the place that saved my life and truly served as a refuge for me during those wonderful yet challenging years! I know that every penny counts and is being put to great use. My hope is that the temple doors will continue to be open for years to come so that people like me will be able to be exposed to the beauty and simplicity of the Dharma and meditation! Thank you so much for all of your love and support and for all of you time devoted to the temple!" - Dharma Bum Wes