BuddhistDoor Global Article on Delta Beta Tau

“When you hear the word “fraternity,” mindfulness might not be the first thing that comes to mind. When you hear the word “meditation,” the first people who come to mind probably aren’t college students either, that is unless you’re discussing the non-sectarian Buddhist fraternity at San Diego State University, Delta Beta Tau.”

See Kassidy Evans' recent article in BuddhistDoor Global, in which she tells the story of the first and only Buddhist Fraternity in the United States and its unique contribution to American Buddhism. Delta Beta Tau initially began with students meeting at the old Buddha for You location. Co-founded by Jeffrey Zlotnik as a program operating out of the Dharma Bum Temple and SDSU, Delta Beta Tau has come a long way since its founding, and it continues to grow and inspire students every day!

See full article here!

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