The Family Sangha is Back!

There have been moments over the past 15 years of the Dharma Bum Temple that for me have really defined the beauty of this community. Yesterday was without a doubt one of those moments. It has been nearly 2 ½ years since our Family Sangha has gathered in-person at the Temple due to the pandemic. We remained patient and waited for just the right time. Saturday morning felt like a huge release of joy to simply be together once again. 

Thanks to our fearless leaders Jessica Taylor and Josh Taylor, the parents sat in meditation followed by a discussion in the main meditation hall. Tears of happiness and sadness filled the room with stories of proud parenting as well as challenges they have faced. For many of the parents, this was the first time to be in a room with so many other parents discussing their experience of the pandemic. 

Our kid’s class was in great hands with the amazing teacher and leader Lisa Johnson Kogan and Nancy who shared the epic tale of The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein. They followed that up with making their own version of the giving tree expressing lol what it means to share and help others. 

Our toddlers were safe and secure with our Alumni and Actives from Delta Beta Tau, our Buddhist group at San Diego State University. Special thanks to Lisa Baker, Olivia Miller and Claudia Beaven for your gentle hearts with these beautiful little kiddos. 

It has been a long road here at the Dharma Bum Temple and yesterday reminded us all of the importance of our work. We look forward to our gathering next month, June 18th at 9am. Please be sure to RSVP Here!

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