Plans to Reopen

This has been an incredibly challenging 15 months for the world as so much loss, pain and suffering continues. I first want to take a moment to recognize and remember those in our community who have lost loved ones due to the pandemic. Your pain is our pain and we send you genuine love during this difficult time. There are many of us who did not experience loss personally and we are the fortunate ones. As we all know, this pandemic created a wide range of experiences and emotions creating opportunities to practice. 

I am pleased that conditions in San Diego are improving and we seem to be headed in the right direction. This is very encouraging for us all and we are pleased as places are opening up once again. 

So the big question that everyone wants to know is when is the Dharma Bum Temple going to be open? The simple answer for now is....NOT YET, BUT MOST LIKELY SOON! 

We are hoping, anticipating and expecting the Dharma Bum Temple and Buddha for You to be open on some level in the next 4-6 weeks. However we are remaining extremely cautious for the safety of everyone in our community. We understand that restrictions in San Diego are expected to be lifted in San Diego on June 15th. We will continue to watch how this all unfolds and make our decisions appropriately. We are in conversations with medical professionals, community members and other religious facilities with regards to their guidance and approach moving forward. 

I realize this is a time we all need the Dharma Bum Temple more than ever. We will continue to remain cautious and share more information as decisions are made about what is best for the community. We want to honor and respect those who have been deeply impacted by the pandemic in addition to being mindful of the health and safety of those who remain at risk. 

We look forward to seeing you all soon, so please stay tuned for updates! 

Yours in the Dharma, 

Jeffrey Zlotnik 

CEO & Co-Founder

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