Plans to Reopen - Saturday March 12, 2022

Dear DBT Sangha, 

It brings me great joy to share the Dharma Bum Temple and Buddha for You will reopen Saturday March 12, 2022. Believe it or not March 12, 2020 was when the Temple first closed due to the pandemic. So here we are two years later on the exact day opening once again. This has not been an easy two years for anyone and life remains a challenge for so many people. I am grateful for everyone that has supported the Temple these past two years allowing us to be in a position to open our doors once again. 

As we continue to battle a pandemic and other issues globally, there is so much suffering in the hearts and minds of us all. It is at a time like this that we need each other more than ever. We must work harder than before to care for each other and the Temple. We must strengthen this Sangha to ensure we always exist for those who need us the most. More information coming soon, but we will be relying heavier on you the Sangha to make sure we operate smoothly. 

All classes will remain only virtual until March 12th, when we will start with the same schedule we had for six months prior to our recent closure in January. Some classes will be in-person, some virtual and some will be both. Please be patient as we slowly update the website schedule to reflect the weekly classes. Temple will open for morning meditation from 8am-9am, close during the day and then reopen in the evening for 7pm classes. Temple will also be open to visit on the weekends starting March 12th from 12pm-3pm. 

When we reopen, we will require an RSVP for Intro to Buddhism and Meditation Saturdays at 11am and The Eightfold Path Recovery Sangha Tuesdays at 7pm. All other classes will not require an RSVP and you may just show up. Please note masks will still be mandatory at Temple and Buddha for You. Seats will remain socially distanced with a capacity limit set for both meditation halls, so those who do attend feel more comfortable. 

I promise you managing this Temple the last two years has been more challenging than ever before. We had to make decisions we never dreamed of and none of it has been simple. We do look forward to the day where the Temple is open all day and all programs are up and running, but we are not there yet. So please be patient and together we will get there. We will continue to keep the health and safety of this community as our top priority. 

We love you and miss you and look forward to seeing you soon... 

Yours in the Dharma, 

Jeffrey Zlotnik 

CEO & Co-Founder 


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