Congratulations to the Women's Buddhist Leadership Program

We want to congratulate these amazing eight women for completing the Women’s Buddhist Leadership Program on Saturday April 20, 2024! It was truly an honor to work with them as they explored many topics, ultimately leading to a deeper understanding of themselves. Most impressive was all of them showing up every Saturday for eight weeks, not one week missed by anyone. Through a retreat, leading Thursday night meditation & discussion at the Dharma Bum Temple, four guest speakers (All Buddhist women leaders) and deep discussions on Saturdays they had an experience that will undoubtedly impact their life moving forward. Thank you Allysene, Candi, Deb, Jen, Katie, Nara, Robin and Tamara for the love and care you showed each other during this program. We admire and respect you deeply.  
If interested in the next program, click below to learn more and apply, it begins June 22nd. Special thanks to the Frederick P. Lenz Foundation for America Buddhism for funding this program!


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