Good News - We Are Reopening

It brings me great joy to share that we have slowly reopened the Dharma Bum Temple and Buddha for You Gift Shop. The complete schedule of classes will continue to be updated on the website schedule. 

As we reopen the Dharma Bum Temple and Buddha for You, please understand we do not have all the answers nor do we know the best way to reopen. This soft opening will allow us to find the best solutions for all. As always, this will be an opportunity to practice gratitude for being able to be open and practice patience as we remain cautious. 

Here is some information we know will be happening as we open: 

~ RSVP (via the website schedule) will be required for some in-person classes 

~ Masks will be required at the Temple and Gift Shop 

~ Classes in the main hall will be limited to 40 people 

~ Classes downstairs will be limited to 15 people 

~ Seating will be socially distanced 

~ Temple will only be open for scheduled classes as well as Saturday & Sunday 12pm-3pm 

~ Temple will open 60 minutes prior to each class 

~ Some classes will be in-person, some virtual and some both

~ The Gift Shop will only be open Saturday from 12pm-3pm, Sunday from 11:30am-3pm and Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 6pm-7pm 

There have been a lot of requests to keep classes virtual. There have also been a lot of requests to not stream classes while at Temple. Many people don't want cameras while they meditate or share their thoughts. There really is not a best solution to this situation. So some classes will stay virtual only for now, some will be in-person only and some will be both. 

Some of the in-person classes will require an RSVP via the website to avoid overcapacity issues. We hope this process does not stay in place too long, but it is the way we can reopen comfortably. 

This has been an incredibly difficult 16 months for everyone around the world. We know many people in our community that have suffered deeply and we send you so much love. My request is that you please trust that we have the health and safety of the community as our top priority. 

Yours in the Dharma, 

Jeffrey Zlotnik 

CEO & Co-Founder